Materjaligrupi Xtreme tehniline info

100% Xtreme FR

310 g/m2

• abrasion resistance (Martindale cycles EN ISO 12947-2)
• pilling resistance (EN ISO 12945-2)
• flammability cigarette (EN 1021-1)
• flammability match (EN 1021-2)
• flammability (BS 5852, Crib 5)
• flammability (DIN 4102:B1)
• light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02)

- dry cleaning: with tetrachloroethylene and water solution of carbonate fluoride
- Ÿmechanical cleaning: clean on the whole surface with a damp cloth
- Ÿdo not soak locally
- Ÿprotect from direct sun
- Ÿvacuum regularly using low suction
- Ÿdon't scrub or use stiff brush
- Ÿdon't use dishwashing or laundry detergents
- Ÿdry in the shade, away from direct heat